Sunday, February 7, 2010

~nO mOre ms. Nice girl~

Hizzz all~
juz wanna share smthin' dat wat i've read juz nw,d prob dat we r faces in evryday lfe n wat i thought it shud b..hey ladies, stop n read tis..

"it's time 2 speak up!!!"

how 2 deal wid 100 n millions grl around u~here i will inform u wat s d prob n how 2 deal wid them.hope it works bebehh..

Case 1: she's slack bout' styin' in touch
how 2 deal??:
Hey,common girl,strt plyin' ur gf at her own gme. Delay ur rsponse 2 all her txts,email,phne msg n so on..Hpeflly,she wll b full of aplgies when she feel dat u r not dat intrested in ctchin' up.

Case 2:tadaaaaa..she spilled ur scret..damnnnn
how 2 deal??:
1st,mke sure dat u've got all of ur fact straight..then cll or txt her say u'd lke 2 meet her 4 cffee bcuz smthin' imprtnt hs cme out dt u nd 2 tlk wid her.once u r fce 2 fce ,b straight bout' wt u r feelin'. say smnthin lke : "TEMAH",i ve been trrible upset bcz i learned dt u've told smbdy else my scret.u osoo cn say smthin lke,, at 1st,i flt so angry n nver wntd 2 c u again,bt our fwenship means 2 mch 2 me 2 jz drop it n u owe me an s nver 2 late 2 aplgze bebehh, laling,syg,dear..

Case 3: she nvr pays bck mney..
how 2 deal??:
smply say "im really sorry ,bt I've hd sme bg I won't b able 2 lend u money.. Sggst she ask hr prents/sis/brother/bf..Hpeflly she ll get d msg dat u r no lnger will' 2 be treated lke her own persnl bnk.meanwhle,whle u r on d sbjct,it s good opprtnity 2 hit her 4 d mnys she owes u.Say "I dun want 2 prssure u, bt bcuz m in dbt at d mmentI really could use dt mney u owe me 4 x,y n z"..Say oso "i fl trrible being in tis pstion of hvin' 2 ask 4 it..

Case 4: she flirts wid uf bf..wat d ....
how 2 deal??:
chill sudeyyyy...i ve no cmmnt bout tis actually cuz i nver xprience u can ring her n xplain 2 her dat if she evr flrt wid a guy u r datin' again,u ll hve nthin' mre 2 do wid her.mean it n stck 2 it.otherwse,if ur bf flirts wid dat grl 2,then hey, juz leave some other guys out there..
~waitin' =worst~

Case 5: she's awezzz l8...
how 2 deal??:
Dun bother callin' her 2 fnd out where she is.d nxt day,phne her n cme clean bout' how u r feelin'.tell her u were upset bout' her being l8..dat s all

hpe dat u can apply tis in ur daily lfe ldies..
~no fighting pwezzz~
tll then..


almie ariff said...

wah,smgt cintakan negara..bgus..xramai org macam dekna,pikirkn pasal negara kita..yg len sebok pikir nk kuasa,kuasa,kuasa..tu je..woi,org politik...meh baca blog husna ni...sedarla sikit...gud job...

lilhucsna said...

jasamu dikenang my bro..
pasni da ley jd ahli politik da