Tuesday, May 22, 2012

BK Sample , Activities Report

Hi uolz ( bajet pula mcm ramai readers je), wa update ni haha rini BK hanya ingin berkongsi tentang sample report yang BK buat untuk kerja BK baru-baru ini. Ok, pasti ramai dikalangan readers banyak yang tak taw (sebab blog BK bukannya hebat sangat pun.. hee) BK baru-baru ini telah membuka satu booth di Genting Highlands untuk previous company BK dahulu untuk promote application terbaru for Ipad .(Mobile Application Developer for iOS and Android) So BK harap dengan contoh report ini dapatlah membantu sedikit sebanyak kepada mereka yang confuse macamnalah nak buat report ni terutamanya adik-adik yang nak buat karangan tu keyh.

Executive Summary
The objective of opening the (your company) booth is basically to promote the company’s applications. Therefore, the company focuses more on the ‘(ur apps)’ application that has been developed by the company as it brings a lot of advantages to user.
The (your company) opened their booth for one of ING activities called ING Insurance National Convention (INC) which was held in Genting Highlands. Below are the activities from May 9 untill May11, 2012.

Wednesday, May 9 - The author left Bangi at about 6.00 am and reached at Rnr Genting Sempah at 7.30 am. The author waited for the other two officemates there. At about 9.30 am, we departed to the top and reached around 10.00am. As the author and the other two officemates reached there, we started to set up our booth at the lobby of Genting International Convention Centre. On the first day, the author had been accompanied by the two officemates until 3.00pm. The author checked in around 2.30pm. Basically, on the first day, many people came to the booth and they interested to try the (your apps) Application. The event ended at 5.30 pm.

Thursday, May 10  -  On  the second day, the author was glad that the author’s friend interested to volunteer and helped to promote the (your apps) ’s application. By the way, the author was capable to find the potential customer where some of the customers interested to build their own publishing engine for his company. The author met a lot of people that use android, Ipad and Iphone and these was an advantage to the author in order to promote the application. Some people even already knew about the (your company) and the author distributed the (your company)’s flies to further enhance their knowledge about (your company). The event ended at 6.00 pm

Friday, May 11 – This was the last day at Genting. Luckily, there are many people on this day compared to previous days. There are also people interested (other apps). They were enjoyed playing the game and most of them said that the games are good for their children and the author had encouraged them to buy the games. The day was dedicated to promote the application as much as the author can and luckily, there are many positive feedbacks since the (your company) booth was just beside Ipad booth. So, the author has grabe the opportunities to promote ands sells the application to the potential customer who has bought the Ipad. However, the booth last at 1.30 pm as the event finished at 1.00pm. The author checked out at 1. 45pm and departed at 2.00pm.

The objective of opening the (your company) booth was achieved. The (your apps) got many positive responses together with the (your apps) game. This was supported by the people that interested to buy the (your company) Applications. The author strongly believes that the company will able to attract more potential customer and eventually makes them becomes stronger in the IT industry. 

Ok, BK rasa uolz punya report lagi better kowt. hee. Ni just untuk beginners macam BK je. K thanks for your time. Papai

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