Sunday, March 6, 2011

Smile :)


"u should let go the past
no matter how sweet is the past..u need to make the future sweet too
if u make ur life hard nw bcoz u jz 1 2 4get the past..there is no point"

M smile , outside & inside... :)

I ll remember this LYY:)

I' ll keep smiling no matter how hurt it is. :)

This entry is for my special friend who always support me ...
LYY, He is chinese, very nice friend :)

p/s: Plus Ira. Thnx 4 the advice:)



k3k!k said...

husna~~~ nah baca nie
kebaikan senyum

hucsna-B.K said...

k3k!k: hehe..dah bce da dearr..hee:)