Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Am I too bad?


This is a conference between me and my great friend. He is a nice chinese friend I ever meet :)

can i ask u sth...??
is he the best guy in this world??


y dont u change ur mind...
since he can have good time v his gf
u nid 2 have a batter life then him

"hmm ok:(
m i too bad?"


u deserve something more bater then tat guy ok
dia x hargai u tats mean he lost something in his life
not u lost something


every girl heart are brittle
n u should find some1 that can take care of that brittle heart properly
dont simply let some1 get it

go buy balloon...blow until big big
then take needle and cucuk it
the burst sound will make u feel bater it think


Great advice!
I appreciate every single advice that comes out of ur mouth :)
Thanx LYY :)


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