Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tutorial shawl 011.(part 1)bergaya dengan BK.

No intro, I'm just too tired to write all da' long long sentences. Plus havin' flue and fever.I always bring along my tissue and walkin' like panda. Ha ..panda???, excuse me, a cute panda okeyh.

ok guys, let s check the things that we have to consider:

1. shawl
2. scarf
3. 3 pins
4. Extra(akmal n pea.pah)
1. .Bring one side of the shawl at the opposite and pin it.

2. Take the other side of the shawl and twist it just like what u can see from the picture above .

3. Then bring it at the top as you can see from the pic
Ok , done.

Easy right???

Aikkk, how come I am the extra ???



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